Let’s face it: Most of us get our travel-inspiration from social media. So why not ask the very person you follow to design a trip for you? At Kindling, we have done just that.

Lara Roadwalker

Permaculture blogger

Shannon Wild

Wildlife Photographer

Imagine your favourite influencer designed a trip for you?

Kindling “Signature trips” are designed by our favourite travel bloggers, artists, activists and adventurers. Whether you are into sustainability, culinary experiences, yoga or hard-core rock climbing: Booking a trip curated by an influencer who matches your interests and priorities, empowers you to follow your wanderlust in your own unique way.

Robert Poole

Travel Photographer

Mestre Xuxo

Brazilian movement artist

Trips designed by locals

Want to skip the tourist traps and experience your next destination like a local? In that case, one of our unique trips designed by a hand-picked local person might be just what you are looking for.

Hannah Rudd

Marine Scientist

Agnes Oberauer

Performance artist

River of Gold

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